Incorporated by Royal Charter the Police Roll of Honour Trust is the official source of the United Kingdom's Police Roll of Honour. Lest We Forget.

   Officers who fell on June 25th throughout history. Lest We Forget.    
1887 - Police Constable Alonzo Green, Birmingham City Police
1888 - Police Constable William Thompson, Leeds City Police
1894 - Police Constable John Eaton, Sunderland Borough Police
1913 - Police Constable Henry May, West Suffolk Constabulary
1920 - Constable Michael Horan, Royal Irish Constabulary
1926 - Police Constable Arthur William Howe, Warwickshire Constabulary
1926 - Detective Sergeant Josiah Davies, Lancashire Constabulary
1934 - Police Sergeant Joseph Owen Jakes, Boston Borough Police


The Trust are committed to researching the history of police officers who have died on duty. We are always working to identify fallen officers who meet our criteria who have been previously lost to the ages.

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The Trust are empowered to support the construction of statues, memorial gardens, books of remembrance, plaques and other appropriate memorials be they national, local, group or individual.

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The Trust are committed to assisting in the restoration or replacement of memorials or gravestones dedicated to officers who died whilst on duty.

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Police,Northumberland County Constabulary,Northumbria Police,Norwich City Police,Nottingham City Police,Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary,Nottinghamshire Constabulary,Nottinghamshire County Constabulary,Nottinghamshire Police,Oldham Borough Police,Oldham Police Fire Brigade,Oxford City Police,Oxfordshire Constabulary,Paisley Burgh Police ,Parish of Bathampton,Parish of Berden,Parish of Boughton,Parish of Brighthelmstone,Parish of Chesterton,Parish of Foy,Parish of Hemingby,Parish of Holbeach,Parish of Melbourne,Parish of Ridge,Parish of Ruardean,Parish of St Leonards,Parish of St. George,Pattishall Parish,Peace Preservation Force,Perth & Kinross Constabulary ,Perth City Police,Perthshire & Kinross-shire Constabulary,Perthshire Constabulary,Plymouth Borough Police,Plymouth City Police,Plymouth Police Fire Brigade,Police Service of Northern Ireland,Police Service of Scotland,Port Glasgow Burgh Police,Port of Bristol Police,Port of London Authority Police,Portsmouth City 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