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The Trust is registered with the both  Charity Commission for England & Wales & Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and has the following charitable objects:

National Resource

The Roll includes officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty as a result of criminal acts, enemy action in air raids, misadventure whilst taking special risks to protect the public or make arrests, accidents whilst on routine patrol or travelling to and from duty, natural causes and unknown causes. It commemorates their sacrifice in the public service and provides a focal point and visible means for family and friends to reflect on the loss of their loved ones and to know that their loss is not forgotten.

We provide the only authoritative archive of the subject we are able to provide information and advice to the public, researchers, police forces and related organisations and charities, both to remember and honour our fallen officers and to help promote officer safety by increasing knowledge and understanding of how fatalities occur.

The Trust researches and maintains the United Kingdom’s Police Roll of Honour for the benefit of the general public and all UK Police Services. We have provided or assisted with Rolls of Honour for many national and local police services and memorial organisations including: