Richard Francis Hindmarch

Special Constable,
North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary,
10 August 1940
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William Edward Critchley

Temporary Detective Constable,
West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary,
8 June 1957
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George Edward Hooper

Special Constable,
Portsmouth City Police,
27 April 1941
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Francis Henry Clark

Station Sergeant,
Metropolitan Police,
11 February 1952
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William Thomas Steadman

Dublin Metropolitan Police,
27 April 1921
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James Netterville

Sub Constable,
Munster Constabulary,
4 April 1831
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Ephraim Darkin

London Night Watch,
24 July 1827
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Deborah Nicholson

Police Constable,
Greater Manchester Police,
6 November 1980
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Harold Foster

Police Constable,
North Eastern Railway Police,
24 December 1907
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Paul John Hetherington

Detective Constable,
Dyfed-Powys Police,
29 October 1990
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Samuel Thorpe

Police Constable,
Millwall Docks Police,
20 April 1868
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William Leonard Griggs

Police Fireman,
Dover of Borough Police,
7 July 1926
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