William John McIlveen

Died =>13 August 1973

Force => Royal Ulster Constabulary

Rank =>Reserve Constable

Age =>36

Cause =>Homicide - Shot

Duty Status =>Off Duty

On the 13th August 1973 William was shot by the terrorists whilst working as a security guard at a bar fixtures factory on the Cathedral Road in Armagh. He was shot when he went to investigate a car which had pulled up outside the factory. Witnesses said four men were in the car as it left the scene. Mr McIlveen had been employed by a catholic owned firm for about a year.

In September 1975 a 19 year old man was ordered to be detained at the Secretary of State’s pleasure for the murder. The judge described the killing as a cold blooded and horrible crime. The man was released from prison in 1988 after 13 years.

William McIlveen’s brother Wilfred, part-time UDR was killed by an IRA booby-trap in 1982.

Roll of Honour Citation

Fatally shot while off duty at work by terrorists in a passing vehicle.