Stephen Paul Carroll

Died =>9 March 2009

Force => Police Service of Northern Ireland

Rank =>Constable

Age =>48

Cause =>Homicide - Shot

Duty Status =>On Duty

During the late evening officers responded to a call for help from a member of the public near a Catholic church on the Drumbeg housing estate at Lismore Manor, in the Lismore area of Craigavon in County Armagh, 26 miles south-west of Belfast.


Constable Carroll and colleagues were providing backup for officers at the scene when shots were fired through the rear window of their unmarked car and he was hit in the head and killed.


He worked on the Tactical Support Group and had 24 years’ service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC and the Police Service of Northern Ireland at the time of his murder and he was the first member of the PSNI to be murdered by paramilitaries since it succeeded the RUC in 2001.