Samuel Alan Victor Caskey

Died =>4 May 1982

Force => Royal Ulster Constabulary

Rank =>Constable

Age =>21

Cause =>Homicide - Shot

Duty Status =>On Duty

Alan Caskey, 21-year-old Protestant, single and an RUC police officer was from Station Road, Desertmartin and was in the RUC for only 8 months. Const. Caskey was on patrol in Londonderry’s Diamond area. As Const. Caskey and a policewoman were walking along the street, a hijacked van pulled up alongside them and a gunman opened fire on them. The woman police officer was hit in the back and leg. She desccribed the incident at the Febrary 1983 inquest that she thought the van driver was looking for direction. She said as they were walking, the cab window opened and then the side door opened and she saw a hooded gunman in the croutching position. She said she shouted to Const. Maskey and then turned to look for cover when she heard 3 or 4 shots. She said she felt extreme pressure in her back and a burning sensation in the right calf. Const. Caskey died from his wounds. He joined the RUC in October 1981 and was stationed in Londonderry for 3 months.