Reginald Williamson



24 February 1993






Reserve Constable



Royal Ulster Constabulary



Homicide - Bomb

Duty Status


Off Duty

Roll of Honour Citation

Killed when a terrorist under-car booby trap bomb exploded while he was travelling home after a night out in Moy, Co Armagh.

Reserve Constable Williamson had been out in a bar in Moy with his girlfriend when they both got into their own cars to return home. His girlfriend was in her own car behind Williamson’s when the bomb exploded hurling his car into a ditch off the Aghinlig Road between Moy and Loughall.


It was believed by the RUC that while he and his girlfriend were in the bar, the bomb was planted under his car. Reserve Constable Williamson’s girlfriend told the inquest that: “we were going up a small hill. There was a bang. I screamed. I ran over to where he was lying face down on the road moaning. I noticed his legs were missing”. She said she kept stroking his head until an ambulance came. He was taken by the ambulance to the South Tyrone Hospital in Dungannon but was dead on arrival.


Reserve Constable Williamson was from Annaghmore near Portadown and had 18 years service in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. His family suffered previously at the hands of terrorists when in 1982 his brother, a member of the Ulster Defence Regiment, was murdered. He was survived by his son and daughter.