John Graham

Died =>25 January 1889

Force => Gateshead Borough Police

Rank =>Police Constable

Age =>28

Cause =>Homicide - Stabbed

Duty Status =>On Duty

On 16th January 1889 in the village of Wrekenton Constable Graham had cause to deal with a man for disturbing the peace whilst evicting his wife from their home, having left he was called back and the man reported. On 25th January 1889 the man appeared before Gateshead Magistrates Court where he was found guilty and fined. After the trial Constable Graham returned home and went about his normal business, later going on patrol. As he patrolled the man approached him from behind and plunged a knife into Constable Graham who stumbled and fell to the ground, his truncheon taken by the man who blungeoned Constable Grahm to death.