The Police Roll of Honour Trust is committed to ensuring all those men and women in the UK Police Roll of Honour are never forgotten. We are proud to have supplied the UK Police Roll of Honour, or extracts of it, to:

Individual Memorials

Since being incorporated by Royal Charter in March 2018 the Police Roll of Honour Trust now issues those post 2018 families with a memorial scroll confirming their loved one has been recorded within the UK Police Roll of Honour.

Also, if the family wish a memorial blue plaque will be provided and it can be placed at the location their loved one died or at their police station, memorial garden etc.


Cost is something that we cannot ignore and as such we are constantly fundraising. Placing a memorial plaque, stone or any other type of memorial has various cost implications. Please consider donating to the Trust to allow us to continue our work, you can donate online via PayPal or JustGiving.

Cyprus Police Memorial

In March 2014 the Police Roll of Honour Trust launched an appeal for funds to enable a memorial to be erected to the police officers who died serving the Crown in the British Colony in Cyprus during the period of 1955 to 1959. The memorial to the Police was to complement the military memorial erected in 2009 commemorating the 371 military losses. During the period 62 officers serving in the colonial police died. These consisted of British Colonial Police made up of Brits, Cypriots of Turkish and Greek origin, among others. Police Forces within the U.K. were requested to find volunteers to serve on the island to augment the colonial police and some 1000 officers from across England, Scotland & Wales served during the period in what was called the UK Policing Unit.