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Police Roll of Honour Trust Crest pin badge

In 2009, when the Trust sought to formally register its badge at the College of Arms we were advised official use of the recognisable Police Star and Royal Crown was authorised only for use by the Police Service or by the serving members of a Police Force.

However, Sir Peter Gwynn-Jones KCVO, then Garter King of Arms, felt the distinction of the Trust in recognising officers who died whilst serving, together with the sympathy for the Trust as a whole, made it a special case, for which he gained the agreement of the Ministry of Justice.

The Trust's use of a Wreath for honour and remembrance, further enhanced in gold, was approved as a suitable device to be placed within the Police Star; and the Book, usually only advised for educational establishments, was accepted to represent the Roll of Honour and in view of the charity's educational nature.

The Badge was painted by the College of Arms and, following approval by HM The Queen, is now officially registered within the records of the College.

Trust Crest Pin Badge

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